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Plays by Alan Richardson


Accommodation Haunted
One Act Comedy

  • First performed by Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble, Ontario, Canada.
    First U.K. Performance by Grayshott Stagers, Hindhead, East Hampshire.
  • Published by Stagescripts Ltd

Characters (1m 3f)

Brian Martin: Recently deceased, aged twenties to whenever
Eleanor: Not so recently deceased, aged twenties to whenever
Lucy: A long time deceased, aged twenties to whenever
Sarah Grant: Not yet deceased, aged to match Brian 

The Setting: An office   

Running Time: 40 minutes


When Brian finds himself on an unexpected and very confusing visit to a residential property letting  agency for ghosts which is run by the mysterious Lucy, he realises he is encountering a death changing experience.  After meeting his end in his company car park, he is doomed to haunt that car park for eternity – unless Lucy can find him suitable accommodation.

He encounters the flamboyant and extroverted Eleanor.  She’s been a client of Lucy’s since 1874, so she’s got plenty of suggestions for how Brian can fill eternity with some fun. He’s on a steep learning curve in what Lucy calls “the other side”.  He learns all about dress code and why it’s not a good idea to attempt walking though solid walls. Why you don’t want to expire in a supermarket on Christmas Eve and the hazard of mediums, exorcists and poltergeists.

When Sarah, another confused new client for Lucy arrives, Brian discovers that even in the next life, you can still find a spot of romance.

Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble, Ontario, Canada Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble, Ontario, Canada

"Wonderful play. They thoroughly enjoyed the play and we had lots of smiles and big laughs" - Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble

We very much enjoyed performing your play and it was very well received by our audiences” - Grayshott Stagers

“It was hilariously funny and at times had me laughing out loud. I really enjoyed it” -
NODA review of Hardingstone Players

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