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Plays by Alan Richardson


One Act Plays

Compton Players

The Worst Day of My Life
Comedy  (1m 4f)

Charlie's day in hospital begins very well, but when three female visitors arrive unexpectedly at the same visiting time, his hitherto secret life is hilariously revealed. And just when you think his day couldn't get much worse - it does.

Extremely funny... a wonderful choice of script” - NODA

Russell Players

The Spy Who Came in for the Phone
Madcap Comedy  (2m 4f or 3m 3f)

A spy spoof set in swinging sixties London, starring a glamorous Russian spy, a telephone engineer with a passion for paperwork, Dracula, John Wayne... and a yellow zebra.

Hilarious... had the audience in stitches...very, very, funny” - Purbrook AT

Image of cemetery

Everybody’s Dying to Meet You
Phantasmagorical Comedy  (5f)

Sue and her friends gather for one of their occasional picnics in unusual places. But is having an evening picnic in a cemetery such a good idea? You never know who you might disturb.

“This would be an enjoyable piece both to perform and to watch” - SCDA Play on Words Competition judging panel.

The Mercators

Bright Lights
Caustic Comedy  (1m 2f)

Renowned critic Gerald Thornwood is feared in theatreland. His vitriolic reviews can close a show and he exploits this power by routinely seducing young actresses on his promise of a favourable mention. But on the verge of another conquest, he finds himself lured into a sting.

“Neat structure, very economical and technically well managed” - SCDA Scene  

Mr Perfect
Comedy  (2f plus  one non-speaking male and optional supernumeraries)

Fashion conscious and career driven Liz has everything she wants... except a man. Her lifestyle demands the best, so why should she settle for less than Mr Perfect? Does he exist or is she chasing fantasy? A wickedly irreverent glimpse at the beguiling world of blind dates, personal ads, introduction agencies and single clubs.

image of entwined hearts
The Mercators

Platform Party
Comedy  (3m 3f or 2m 4f plus supernumeraries)

It's the last night of another drama festival, but before the exasperated adjudicator can declare the winners, there are speeches galore, the raffle and problems with the new lighting board.

Hugely appreciated by the audience” - Brechin Advertiser

Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble

Accommodation Haunted
Light and Dark Comedy  (1m 3f)

When Brian finds himself on an unexpected visit to a property letting agency for ghosts, he realises he is encountering a death changing experience. But even in the next life, you can still have a laugh.

Wonderful play... we had lots of smiles and big laughs” -  Elliot Lake AT

Out of Sight
Drama  (2m 1f)

Pop star Steve Byron is about to launch his much heralded new album at a press conference, but a female fan uncovers a shocking truth that could end his career and send him to prison. She wants to reveal the truth, but Steve's Machiavellian manager is equally determined to protect his lucrative percentage - at any cost.

image of dark glasses

The Burglar’s Confession
Comedy  (2m 3f)

An endearingly inept crook creates an alibi by confessing to a burglary he didn’t commit. The resulting confusion deepens when his lawyer manipulates his confession for her own devious ends.

(Please note: this play is written by Karen MacLeod, a.k.a. Mrs Richardson!)

image of burglar
Chameleon Theatre

Perfect Partners
Comedy  (2m 2f)

Investigative Journalist wishes to meet couple (divorce pending) who run disreputable dating agency. Sense of humour appreciated.

Alan Richardson's comedy skills ensure that this makes a very funny play....
a witty and touching personal drama”
- Amateur Stage

Bridewell Theatre

When a Man Knows
Drama (1m 1f)

A businessman is held captive by an unknown woman. Who is she? Why has he been kidnapped? What does she want? The shocking truth is revealed in a powerful and challenging two-hander.

A chilling piece of writing" - GODA    “Exceptionally tense”- Amateur Stage 

Image of Title Deed

Off the Record
Comedy  (1m 1f)

We encounter a couple meeting on what appears to be a first date. She’s asking all the questions while he’s definitely got only one thing on his mind, but that one thing is not what you might expect. A battle of wits ensues as competitiveness reaches absurd levels in a comedy that celebrates a golden era of pop music.