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Plays by Alan Richardson


Title Deeds

Out of Sight
One Act Drama

  • Pop star Steve Byron is about to launch his much heralded new album at a press conference at a prestigious hotel. But upstairs, in a darkened bedroom, Steve is suffering after the night before. He is even less prepared for the unexpected arrival of a female fan. Lesley is secretary of his fan club and is seeking background material for her fan web site. Instead, she uncovers a shocking secret that could end his career and send him to prison. Lesley wants to tell the truth, but Mike Parry, Steve's machiavellian manager is equally determined to protect his lucrative percentage - at any cost. Who will win the battle of wills?  
  • New Script  - Only obtainable from the author

Characters (2m 1f)

Steve Byron: (Teens or twenties)
Mike Parry: (Any age from late twenties)
Lesley Ward: (Teens or twenties)

The Setting: A hotel bedroom   

Running Time: 35 minutes

When a Man Knows