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Plays by Alan Richardson


The Burglar’s Confession
One Act Comedy
Karen MacLeod (a.k.a. Mrs Richardson)

  • First performed by Linlithgow Players, March 2006
  • Six productions in the UK
  • Published by Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd

 Characters (2m 3f)

Gail:  A world weary, rather aggressive office girl
Robbie:  An inept and suggestible petty criminal
Simone:  An ambitious young criminal lawyer
Anna:  A middle aged lawyer, nobody’s fool, but tired
Wentworth:  A hard bitten policeman

The Setting: A lawyer’s office   

Running Time: 35 minutes


When hapless Robbie is falsely suspected of torching a warehouse, he turns to his solicitors for advice, only to discover they have been burgled.  He is also innocent of the burglary, but too simple to wonder why Gail suggests he confess to that as an alibi for the warehouse fire.  And when Simone also tries to manipulate his confession in pursuit of her own very different agenda, he is left utterly bemused.