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Plays by Alan Richardson


When a Man Knows sample

Eddie Harris finds himself being held captive by a woman he doesn't know, but who claims to know him. He is chained by his leg to a huge concrete block and she refuses to answers his questions or let him go. By this point, Eddie is stumbling upon the reason.

EDDIE Ah... wait a minute.... Why didn't it dawn on me before?


EDDIE All this. Handcuffs and Chains. Just a bit on the kinky side, yes? What else is in that bag? The leather whip? Is this what turns you on, Pamela darling?

PAMELA Is that sad fantasy the best your twisted little mind can conjure?

EDDIE You're the one with the twisted mind. All these games you're playing. The way you're torturing me.

PAMELA Torture doesn't begin to describe what I've been through.

EDDIE Excuse me, darling. Let me remind you? I'm the victim here.


EDDIE I'm the one who got kidnapped. I'm the one being held against my will. I'm the victim. Don't forget that.


PAMELA Wrong way round, Eddie. You're the criminal.

EDDIE Prove it in court.

PAMELA I don't need a courtroom to get justice.

EDDIE Justice, for what?

PAMELA You really don't have a clue. Or maybe you're just pretending you don't. Or you simply don't listen. Just think for a minute!

EDDIE About what?


EDDIE I can't think straight. Not like this. My throat's so dry. I need something to drink.

PAMELA A nice dry martini perhaps? That was your usual.

EDDIE How do you know that?

PAMELA You're still not listening. I told you... we've met. Remember?

EDDIE I honestly don't. That's the problem.

PAMELA Come on, Eddie. (She moves closer) Take another look. Go on.

EDDIE I've told you how many times, I don't know you. Just tell me what you want.

PAMELA In a word; you.


PAMELA Yes, Eddie. I want you.


PAMELA Why not? You wanted me once.

EDDIE Wait a minute... when you say we know each other, do you mean in the "biblical" sense?

PAMELA Congratulations! Give the man another cigar.

EDDIE So that's all you are? Somebody I once screwed?

PAMELA Eloquently, but typically put, Eddie.