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Plays by Alan Richardson


Nicht o’ the Blunt Claymore
Full Length Scots Comedy

  • First performed by New Victory Players of Glasgow, October 1974
  • Winner of the 1973 SCDA Playwriting Competition
  • 17 Productions in the UK
  • Published by Brown, Son & Ferguson

Characters (6m 4f)

Meg:  The Macleods' maidservant
Helen MacLeod:  Daughter of Archibald MacLeod
Janet MacLeod:  Her mother
Archibald MacLeod:  Owner of the farmhouse
James Campbell:  A local Magistrate
Agnes Campbell:  His Wife
Reverend Graham:  Minister of the local Kirk
Duncan Fraser:  A Jacobite Rebel, Helen's suitor
A Stranger:  (Male)
Major Davidson:  An English Army Officer

The Setting: Archibald MacLeod's farmhouse on the outskirts of Bonachy, a village in Perthshire, Scotland

Period: 1746

Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes


May, 1746. The Macleods, a family with Jacobite sympathies, must assume the appearance of loyal Hanoverians to deceive James Campbell, a notorious rebel-hunter.


Their problems are complicated by their own daughter's reckless infatuation with the rebel cause, a whisky-still in their barn, and an assortment of unwanted guests, including Campbell and his wife, the local minister, a mysterious stranger, a fugitive rebel and a company of redcoats.


A hectic evening of conspiracy, concealment, disguise and mistaken identity ensues, culminating in an inevitable collision between the assembled protagonists.

The winning play in the 1973 S.C.D.A. Playwriting Competition.